THE GREAT DEBATE: Queens vs Kapiolani

Pretty much from day one of my pregnancy, it seemed like everyone was asking me: “Are you giving birth at Queen’s or Kapiolani?” Felt like these two were the only choices for a mom to give birth on Oahu — not true, but kind of also true. Queen’s Hospital and Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children are both hospitals that are considered to be the best on the island, and have pretty good reputations for delivering safe, happy babies.

My Queen’s Pros & Cons List:

  1. Pro: Closer to our home.
  2. Con: No NICU Ward
  3. Pro: A private room was guaranteed.
  4. Con: Friends told me bad nurse stories
  5. Pro: Newly revamped food menu like steak, meatloaf, spaghetti. (I have to be honest: this was a major pro for me.)

My Kapiolani Pros & Cons List:

  1. Pro: Its own NICU ward. This means that if there are complications with your baby, it can receive care right there — Kapiolani is the only hospital on the island with NICU.
  2. Con: Private room not guaranteed. I would have had to share if crowded. (This was a big con for me.)
  3. Pro: Its own anesthesiologist, on-call 24/7.
  4. Con: We weren’t such a huge fan of the tour. Queen’s felt friendlier.

Guess which one I went with? Kapiolani. Mainly because my hanai sister had her baby right before me, and she had complications that would have led to a possible emergency C-section. In the end she didn’t have to, but Kapiolani had all the resources right there. And I really didn’t want something to happen to the baby and then had to be separated from her when they took her from Queen’s to Kapiolani. It just made more sense.

But to be fair, both hospitals were pretty comparable. And Kapiolani was really great. I got the LAST private room that day. Which one did you go with, MOMS OF HAWAII?


Sappy Thing I Wrote When Anna Was Born

A sappy thing I wrote for Anna Lily a week after she was born:

“Hi Anna Lily,

Yes, that’s your name! You are healthy, happy and sleeping as I am typing this out at 9:41 am. 😀 You arrived a little earlier than expected last week —  God was in charge and He knew the best timing for you. ❤

You were scheduled for a C section for Tuesday, 7/5. But then the possibility of a 7/1 birthday came up because of low amniotic fluids in le womb. AND THEN it turns out you had other plans. Last week Wednesday and Thursday (6/29 and 6/30) I noticed that you weren’t moving as much as before in my tummy, and I called Dr. Wong. She told me to go immediately to the hospital for a non-stress test. (Your daddy called it a stress test and we were like NOOO.)

I was pretty sure you were OK, you were moving here and there and it just wasn’t reaching the “10 times an hour, twice a day” mark. I was a little nervous though, and just in case, your daddy brought the half-packed hospital bag lol. Thank God he did!

I was so thankful to hear your heartbeat, but they kept us there for a little while longer, monitoring both you and me. There were some crazy BH contractions going on. Doctor walks in, tells me SUPER SERIOUSLY that my blood pressure was high, my amniotic fluids were still low, and while you had a heartbeat, “it could be better.” He says there was just no point in waiting for something to happen, basically — the conditions just weren’t the best at that point. Maybe my blood pressure was high because I was nervous, or maybe it was leading up to something else.

The verdict: Get a C section right away, like in 30 MINUTES. Whaaaat?

Your daddy and I just sort of nodded our okays and CUE THE OVERWHELMING: everyone just poured into the triage room. One nurse is sticking an IV in my arm, while another is giving me a free shave down there, they are spouting all kinds of info about the anesthesia and what to expect, and OW THAT CATHETER and I’m signing consent forms and the next thing I know, I am getting wheeled out of triage and into the OR. Your aunty Naomi comes in just in time, and we both get a little teary eyed and she waves me bye.

I get the spinal. Feel a little pinch and then legs go numb and the blue sheet covers everything from tummy down. My legs and arms get strapped down and your daddy comes in his Easter bunny white onesie and shower cap. I can’t tell when the surgery started, but I guess it did. There is tugging and pulling and I really really try not to think about what might be going on behind the sheet cos I knew I would psyche myself out. Then we hear you cry and omgoodness YOU ARE FINALLY HERE and hubby is crying and I’m crying and we are all a mess lol.

They took you away for about 30 mins, which made me so sad, but then I got to hold you and breastfeed her immediately. You are such a trooper! Latching and drinking so well. We had to top you off with a little formula here and there, but you are breastfeeding like a pro. Anna, I know this is way too early, but let me just say, never let anybody make you feel bad if you have to supplement when your time comes. One nurse kind of did, and since my hormones were all bonkers, I was a wreck on the second day.

It’s been a little over a week and the days are just flying by. The first couple nights was an adjustment for all three of us, but last night you were amazing. Sleeping for three hours at a time, and not even crying at all. As for me, I can now walk around at home, get up from bed, pick you up, shower, and even shave my legs. I might have over did it a bit, here and there, so today I want to take it easy. At the hospital, I could hardly move but it is true what they say: the sooner you can start doing things, the better you feel.

I pray that you’ll keep growing healthily and doing well. Your first dr’s appointment was Wednesday and again, what a trooper you were! Keep it up, baby.”