an early Christmas gift, a belated update

Christmas time means lots of exciting things like beautiful lights, eggnog, gifts and chocolate peppermint bark, but also meant, for me, weeks of nonstop, end-of-the-year writing work, and of course, shopping for gifts! Hence, I haven’t had the time to upload anything even something of great IMPORTANCE has happened in the last two months!


Therapists and doctors have told us several different things: that she won’t even sit up, that with therapy she will be exactly like other kids, that she might not walk until 2…it’ll be lying to say that I didn’t latch onto the “worst case scenario” predictions at any point during Anna’s CP journey.

But here she is, and this video was in December. NOW, she’s walking all over the place! Crawling has disappeared into the past! It was the best Christmas gift we could ask for.

This time last year, I would lie in bed freaking out and not being able to sleep because I imagined everything horrible would happen. God has truly blessed us this year by leading us to the right people, to finding the right therapists and therapy, and of course, the support and prayers of our church here and the church in Japan. All of Anna’s church aunties and uncles do PT with her during babysitting and when they interact with her, and my hanai sisters would bring me food and love when they knew I was completely losing hope and depressed, and tell me to get back up! Thanks to our family, we were able to keep moving forward with all the steps that we felt we had to take, and I kept up with PT at home, and, we did our best to have a happy home, to make sure Anna wouldn’t think we were like, “WOE UPON US.” And she’s now walking!

So…now what?

I’m writing this, btw, with two ice packs on both sides of my head, a little bit loopy on Vicadin, and missing four wisdom teeth.

There was a moment when Anna started walking when I got really giddy and was like, OK WE ARE DONE WITH THERAPY! LET’S START CUTTING DOWN! WE’RE CLEAR! But the truth is, Anna still has a long way to go. Her feet still are pointy, she has very low muscle tone, so she falls a lot, and her core is weak, making her back arch and her tummy hang out. Her back is also tight, and it feels like maybe she doesn’t quite know how to access and engage those muscles yet. We’re currently going through Mika’s ABM sessions again, so I’m looking forward to seeing her figure out new movements soon. Every session leads to new changes in her, and it never fails to impress me!

I’m currently considering chiropractic care, as well as upping our therapy at home via more climbing, ball work and core strengthening playtime. We have a great playground downstairs, so I take her there everyday.

More updates to come…<3 to all of you!


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