THE GREAT DEBATE: Queens vs Kapiolani

Pretty much from day one of my pregnancy, it seemed like everyone was asking me: “Are you giving birth at Queen’s or Kapiolani?” Felt like these two were the only choices for a mom to give birth on Oahu — not true, but kind of also true. Queen’s Hospital and Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children are both hospitals that are considered to be the best on the island, and have pretty good reputations for delivering safe, happy babies.

My Queen’s Pros & Cons List:

  1. Pro: Closer to our home.
  2. Con: No NICU Ward
  3. Pro: A private room was guaranteed.
  4. Con: Friends told me bad nurse stories
  5. Pro: Newly revamped food menu like steak, meatloaf, spaghetti. (I have to be honest: this was a major pro for me.)

My Kapiolani Pros & Cons List:

  1. Pro: Its own NICU ward. This means that if there are complications with your baby, it can receive care right there — Kapiolani is the only hospital on the island with NICU.
  2. Con: Private room not guaranteed. I would have had to share if crowded. (This was a big con for me.)
  3. Pro: Its own anesthesiologist, on-call 24/7.
  4. Con: We weren’t such a huge fan of the tour. Queen’s felt friendlier.

Guess which one I went with? Kapiolani. Mainly because my hanai sister had her baby right before me, and she had complications that would have led to a possible emergency C-section. In the end she didn’t have to, but Kapiolani had all the resources right there. And I really didn’t want something to happen to the baby and then had to be separated from her when they took her from Queen’s to Kapiolani. It just made more sense.

But to be fair, both hospitals were pretty comparable. And Kapiolani was really great. I got the LAST private room that day. Which one did you go with, MOMS OF HAWAII?


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